Girla Obscura (nymphie) wrote in spliced,
Girla Obscura

Something For Commercial Release

(Don't remember if i have posted this or not, sorry if it's a repeat)

My fiancee asked me to design his CD layout. He wants to use my Mercedes in a lot of the shots because it's an old (1983) reliable car. My old one after all saved my life in a car accident by taking the majority of the blow. So I own Mercedes- Benz because they are reliable and strong, just like I love him because he is reliable and strong (among millions of other things). I took a shot of the back of the car taken with a reversing ring which allows for the extreme macro with shallow depth of field and brought it in to Photoshop 6.0. In there I rubber stamped out the words "Turbo Diesel" and replaced it with the band name, "Narrator". Still could use some touch ups but here are the results:


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